Our Story

Barranco is a specialty restaurant and bar that serves as an inspirational addition to Cairo’s distinctive dining scene. For food lovers, and authenticity seekers, Barranco is the latest culinary spotlight that takes you on a journey to Peru, and allows you to see, first hand, its rich and exotic ingredients, while being moulded by the renowned Japanese techniques. Barranco reveals a story of authenticity by offering a real Nikkei experience that sets a new gastronomy benchmark in the heart of West Cairo.

Cuisine concept

Authentic . Fusion of Flavors . Vibrant

The Mouthwatering Food

Barranco's success is stemming from its Peruvian Head Chef, Bruce Alemaw, who brought his passion for Nikkei cuisine from Peru to Cairo. With over 18 years of International experience, Alemaw introduced a culinary innovation that Cairo has never seen before.

The Enchanting Ambiance

Derived from the artistic neighborhoods of Barranco’s district in Lima, Peru, the name was inspired by its charming streets, music & culinary culture. The restaurant's entrance features lush greenery, mirroring Barranco's vibrant atmosphere in Peru.

The Performances

As you experience the Japanese-Peruvian fusion, the ambiance comes alive with the hot beats played by our talented resident DJ daily and the enchantment of live performances every Tuesdays and Thursdays.

peruvian chef

From a unique and original cultural blend, comes Barranco! Every day, our Head Chef, Bruce Alemaw, works his magic and brings his true passion for Nikkei cuisine, while remaining loyal to his Peruvian heritage and culture, and while getting inspired by the charming streets, colourful wall art, and artistic neighbourhoods of Lima, Peru.

Events & Special Nights

We know the way to our guests’ hearts, which is simply curating captivating entertainment line-ups and being consistent with the quality that we offer. Our excellence is commensurate with the brand that we belong to; Barranco restaurant and bar.

Snapshot of Our Events